"The Classic Dad Joke" Bundle


Introducing the "Classic Dad Joke" Bundle: Spice up Your BBQ with a Side of Laughter!

Hey there, dads (and everyone who appreciates a good dad joke)! Get ready to turn up the heat on your BBQ game and the laughter meter with our "Classic Dad Joke" Bundle. This bundle is packed with savory flavors, a hilarious coffee mug, and an unbeatable deal that will leave you chuckling and craving for more.

Included in the "Classic Dad Joke" Bundle are the following rib-tickling items:

  1. Customizable Blends: Choose any three blends from our collection of eight tongue-tingling options. These blends are like the punchlines to your BBQ comedy routine, delivering a burst of flavor that will make your taste buds do a happy dance. From smoky quips to zesty puns, our blends will leave you and your guests coming back for seconds. Pick your favorite flavors in either 75g bags or 8oz shakers, and get ready to sizzle with laughter.

  2. Hilarious White Rave BBQ "Let's Put Another Shrimp on the Barbie" Coffee Mug: Start your mornings with a side of humor and a hot cup of joe in our hilarious Rave BBQ coffee mug. With its witty "Let's Put Another Shrimp on the Barbie" slogan, this mug will make you smile, groan, and maybe even snort a little. It's the perfect conversation starter for those early morning grill sessions or a delightful gift for any dad who appreciates a good dad joke.

And the best part? The "Classic Dad Joke" Bundle offers an unbeatable deal that's sure to tickle your funny bone. Experience the joy of mouthwatering flavors, sip your coffee with a side of laughter, and save money, all bundled up in one hilariously delicious package.

Don't miss out on this uproariously entertaining opportunity to become the king of dad jokes and the grill. The "Classic Dad Joke" Bundle is your secret ingredient for family fun and memorable BBQ moments. Order now and let the sizzling and the giggles commence!

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75g Bags
8oz Shakers
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